2007 trips

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For 2007 we are planning two voyages, the first starts the beginning of June.

Our trips have been designed to keep them as affordable as possible and for those who have the time to spend a entire season with us the cost can be as little as $83/day/person (for the entire season). For this cost and requirements contact me. I have set up the various legs around time frames that allow us to actually complete the leg in a reasonable manner. Each leg is priced separately per person, If you would like to do more than one leg contact me for the cost.

Our trips are not charters but rather sail training, or adventure sailing. Every crew member will be required to participate in all aspects of the voyage; stand watch, cook, clean etc.. Education is always part of being on the water; some formal and some casual.



If you would like a private charter contact me for pricing.


Join us for a single leg:

Ocean voyage #1 starts June 1

San Francisco to Hawaii  [ June 1-15 ], down wind sail to Hawaii and the weather gets warmer every day! The actual  length of this trip is determined b y the wind but we allow 15 days in case the wind is light this year. If we arrive early you can either stay aboard and we'll cruise the Big island for the remaining time or head for home early, your choice.  $2800pp


Cruising Hawaii [ June 20-30 ], 10 days of sailing, swimming and snorkeling we'll sail down the entire Island chain starting on the big Island and ending at Hanalei bay on Kauai.  $2500pp


Hawaii to Alaska [ July 4th-24 ] a 2200 mile sail up over the top of the pacific high and to Washington  this trip will have sailing on all points of wind and while the weather will be cooling off as we move north but the finish at Alaska's Glacier bay will be worth all the trouble of getting there. $1500pp


Cruising Alaska to the San Juan islands [ July 27-Aug 26 ] $150/day/person


Seattle to San Francisco  [ Sept 1 - 10 ] 10 days. Downwind course along some of the most beautiful coastline in the US. the weather along this coast can be unpredictable with heavy winds, calms and plenty of fog. We'll need to be on our toes; this  is a great opportunity to perfect your coastal navigation skills. $1500pp


OCEAN VOYAGE #2   Starts October 29th 

10-29  BA HA HA & Mexico 12 days:  we start in San Diego, Oct 29th the start of the BA HA HA fun race to Mexico! Sail down with us or meet us in San Diego. We'll join the fleet and all the fun that this event has turned out to be.  Sail down and Fly home from Baja. $2750/pp.

Nov 15 / Feb 08' .  CRUISING MEXICO  Come cruising with us in Mexico for $150/day (call for information and to schedule your cruise). Bring your dive gear (we have tanks and weights) and get in some warm water diving!